Captain Paddy Singh organisez tours to West India, Gujarat, Ahanta & Ellora caves, Elephanta Islands, Mumbai, Bombay, tours Kerala.

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The birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, gateway of India, moon bright beaches, villages splashed in living colour, home of the last surviving Asiatic lions.

Gujarat, a still place where the salt flats of India meet the monsoon lands. India's marshland, host to a myriad variety of birds and the last of the Asiatic lions in the Sasangir Sanctuary. Gujarat a tour of architectural grandeur, of temples, palaces and ancient textiles in Bhuj, the capital of India's craft heritage.
Gujarat, the stronghold of Jainism, means " land of a hundred kingdoms " Still untouched by the maddening crowds, its textiles and spices were exported to Caesar's court and harems of the east. The breeding ground of flamingoes and pelicans it is the home of the rare Indian Wild Ass and the Asiatic lion.

 Bombay, horizon of skyscrapers and throb of finance in such contrast to mellow Goa, with miles of unspoilt strands and sweeps of silvery sands, undulating palms and the calm, blue Arabian Sea.


  • Goa, the interior beyond the beaches; the soaring porticoes of whitewashed churches, the streets of Panjim, the storybook city beside the Arabian Sea. The jewel of the erstwhile Portugese eastern empire, it's beaches were discovered by the Hippies in the early sixties. The envy of former kings and queens, of bankers and merchants and a meeting place for travel writers and lovers. Goa, for sun, sea and sand.


  • The magnificent Buddhist murals and paintings of Ajanta and Ellora. .


  • 8th century rock cut caves at Elephanta Islands containing intricate sculptures.


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