Paddy Singh organisez trekking in Himachal, Manali & Shimla, Individual tours, incentive tours, wildlife tours, cultural tours, a la carte tours.

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The point of an individual tour is to give you what you want from India. There is such immense variety but, with our experience and knowledge we can create a tour that will not leave you gasping with cultural overload.

We understand the importance of making incentive travel tempting, inspiring and different whether it is to tie sarees or tour palaces, relax in the backwaters or foot tap with local dancers; each incentive tour is different from the rest.

From heliskiing in the high Himalayas to bird watching in the deep south, with white water rafting and camel safaris in between, every part of India offers a different kind of adventure. As for trekking, we know that inside out; we have the mountains covered.

From tigers to 100 lb river fish to camels to paradise fly catchers to fields of wild orchids to valleys of rhododendrons, there is more than you can see in a life time, but, we will give you the start you need.

As there is such a vast array of culture to choose from it is so easy to get bogged down, to almost drown in it. By mixing the light with the profound, the daring with the spiritual, we make a mix that is easy to absorb and inspirational to see.

From Temples to Tipu Sultan, snow leopards to yoga ashrams, Polo to game fishing, the tandoor clay ovens of the north to the steamed bamboo cooking of the south, just choose and we will stitch together the aspects of India that intrigue you.

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