Captain Paddy Singh organisez tours to South India, Kerala, Tamil Naidu, temple tours, Backwater tours in Kerala, Ayurvedic tours Kerala.

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The climax of the subcontinent; raw cut of the sculpture of medieval India to crescent sands, eye-lashed with palms; the song of the south with its haunting melody.

Out of plains of Tamil rise Dravidian temples dating back 5,000 years their stonework as fine as petrified lace. The white- headed brahmini kites dot the blue sky of Kerala above a slow boat ploughing the backwaters. Karnataka whose mountains tumble into the Arabian Sea.
Up to the high Nilgiris, where buffalo graze beside wild ibex in cracked pastures. Through the medieval streets of Bijapur to its domed palaces, mosques and bazaars and Hampi, the potent ruins, the echoing showpiece of India's mightiest Hindu empire.

Beyond the rice fields, lagoons, coconut groves, the herds of wild elephants and plantations, we will show you the heart of the South

  • The mighty Hindu dynasties of yore represented by the magnificent temple cities of Madurai, Mahabalipuram, Vijaynagar and others.
  • Kerala's vast, bright theatre: the elephant parade of tuskers, the snake boat races that churn the stillness of the backwaters or the evocative dance of Kathakali, the stories of life, of loss, of history.
  • To learn about the oldest form of medicine in Asia, Ayurvedic healing, a form of naturopathy that the West is only just beginning to understand.

  • To an ashram by a lake or up into the blue hills for wildlife, to the fairground Mysore Palace and the mythical lands of Tipu Sultan


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