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Rajasthan is the landscape of the lavish mind; a magical land synonymous with romance and chivlary, the dreamscape of childhood set in the shifting sands.

Whose armies rode against great city walls, where princes built trembling palaces from dust and water, where Rajputs claim their descent from the sun and the moon, where women are dressed in black and red, set alight with tiny mirrors on the rich embroidery.

Beautifully laid out gardens and man-made lakes contrasting perfectly with hilly ranges. Cities that still retain their medieval flavor and keep alive timeless traditions of rich art and craft. Where camels and oxen, elephants and horses vie with more common modes of transport.

 Here is the juxtaposition of the wealth of the palaces and forts and the whirling colours of village bazaars.


  • Contrasts, where the turbans of the desert tribesmen dazzle like the gem inlaid walls of the palaces, the muralled rooms and the great art collections. The palaces are open as the former Maharajas strive to protect their past; rooms haunted by intrigue and wild stories of the diamond time.

  • Closed doors can be opened beyond the cities of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaiselmer, further out into the Thar Desert, to the more remote castles and the sound of the drum and the horn, across the sinewed lands of Rajput history.

  • On horse and camelback or jeep to royal wildlife reserves, to stay in camps with tents draped in the wild colours of Rajasthan where, by firelight, the local people sing folk songs and girls dance out their history in the sand.

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