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Justine Hardy, writer & presenter writes about Paddy :-

In a country as raw and intense as India a travel agent is not enough. You need someone who is going to explain, understand and make you laugh when the vividness of India gets too much. Paddy is unusual in so many ways but his great trump card for travelers is that he somehow manages to open every door in India. You just have to ask and he makes it happen whether you have a penchant for fleece covered hot water bottles on trek or want to have a birthday party in a Mogul garden. Paddy's India is the real India not the curry and camel variety that is so often pushed at us. He and his tem make everything possible from the high passes of the Himalayas to the hot, white beaches of the deep south.


Patricia Wadley, Editor abroad, UK & Australia, of the POLO Magazine, offer a 3 week tour of India writes:-


"Paddy's Trek & Tours offers the tourist an opportunity to experience India on a highly personal and unique level - always delivering more than the average visitor would expect. This is due to Paddy ,s comprehensive local knowledge and widely respected reputation in the Indian hospitality industry. On the spur of the moment you may find yourself invited to a private party or wedding, taking tea with the Indian royalty or watching an athletics carnival at one of India's poshest public schools 


Despite its vast population, India is actually a small town when it comes to 'who knows who' - and Paddy's background is a key factor in the high regard in which he is held. It's these connections which give Paddy's Company the advantage over other travel operators. Every tourist looks for an unique experience they can reflect on and boast about on their return. It's a pretty safe bet that all of paddy's client will have more to write home about."  


"Paddy's Treks is another well organized company. It is named after Capt Padam Singh who has an unbeatable knowledge of treks in Himachal"
- Hill Stations of India by Gillian Wright


"...and another agency that can be recommended is Paddy's Trek run by a colorful local character, Paddy Singh"
- Trekking in the Indian Himalaya by Lonely Planet


"...an agency in Manali called Paddy's Treks run by the remarkable Capt Padam Singh"
- Cadogan India


Travelogues published on our Treks and Tours:-

  • The Ochre Border by Justine Hardy

  • In search of Grandmother by Imogen Lycett Green

Besides a number of articles on our tours have been printed in the International press in U.K and Europe.


About Capt Padam Singh

Paddy, an ex-cavalry officer, is the eldest son of the late Raja of Sheikhupura. He studied in one of British India's finest public schools - Bishop Cotton, in Simla, which was his home town. After retiring from the army he did a couple of years with the Border Police on the Indo-Tibet border. His next job was with the Himachal Tourism Corporation as the Tourist Officer at Manali. Here he handled groups visiting Himachal - Bales, Kuoni, TCF, Lindblad, Mountain Travels etc. Six years later he worked with West Himalayan Holidays, one of the first professional agents to trek the Himalayas. When this office closed down, former clients carried on coming to Paddy's Treks & Tours.

Among the Incentive groups handled by Paddy were JP Decaux Societie, Class, Compaq, Citroen, Elf among the many. He has personally lead and continues to accompany groups today

* Hindoostan Tours is the brand name for called Paddy's Treks & Tours.



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