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Embedded beneath the snow white folds of the high Himalayas, lies Druk Yul, - the Land of the peaceful Dragon, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, the last Shangrila.

Bhutan is an enchanted realm, a rare combination of harmony and accord in a land of incredible natural beauty Untainted by the baser aspects of the outside world and poor as far as material interpretations of the western world are concerned, Bhutan retains its integrity and distinctive way of life. There are no beggars here. Instead, the Bhutanese are fiercely patriotic, self-sufficient and have an amazing quality of humour and courtesy. Sparsely populated and jealously guarded in its isolation, Buddhist teaching and philosophy are influential in this land, the last of the Himalayan Kingdoms


 The number of tourists allowed into Bhutan is limited and hence this paradise
 always  lies off the beaten track.


  • Visit ancient monasteries perched precariously on cliff tops and hear the chants of the monks reverberate off the sides of the valleys.


  • Gladden your hearts amidst a million smiles that surround you.


  • Trek through unspoilt countryside or bird-watch at one of the many mountain lakes.


  • Stroll through villages where the architecture is inspiring and has not changed through centuries.


  • And if you're looking for something different, join an archery contest.

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